ProDevs offers an outstaffing service that allows you to hire skilled professionals who will work remotely for your company. Our outstaffing model is designed to help you save time and money while still getting access to top talent.

Specifically assembled for you

At ProDevs, we provide you with a dedicated team of professionals who have the expertise and experience necessary to meet your specific needs. Our outstaffing service covers a wide range of fields, including software development, data science, UI/UX design, project management, and more. We carefully select each team member based on their skills, experience, and cultural fit to ensure that they are the best match for your company.

We understand that communication is critical when it comes to remote work, which is why we provide you with all the necessary tools to stay connected with your team. Our outstaffing service includes project management tools, video conferencing software, and communication tools, allowing you to stay in constant contact with your team members.

What to expect with ProDevs Outstaffing

  • 1. Access to top tech talent in various fields
  • 2. A dedicated team of tech professionals who work exclusively for your company
  • 3. Cost savings and time efficiencies
  • 4. Flexible scaling up or down of team size as per your business needs
  • 5. Tools and resources to stay connected with your team

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1 - 2 weeks

Average turnaround time to Start working with your team

Our OutStaffing Process

1. Initial consultation

We begin by scheduling an initial consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. During this consultation, we will discuss your business goals, technical requirements, and other specific needs. This consultation will help us understand your unique requirements and ensure that we can provide you with the best possible solution.

2. Talent selection

Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a list of potential candidates who match your requirements. We will work with you to review the resumes and conduct interviews with the candidates to ensure that they are a good fit for your team.

3. Contract signing

After selecting the candidates, we will send you a contract outlining the terms and conditions of the outstaffing service. Once the contract is signed, we will begin the onboarding process.

4. Onboarding

During the onboarding process, we will provide you with all the necessary information about our processes and tools. We will also help you set up communication channels, project management tools, and other necessary tools to ensure a smooth transition.

5. Kick-off meeting

Once onboarding is complete, we will schedule a kick-off meeting with your team to introduce your new outstaffing team members and establish project goals and expectations.

6. Ongoing support

We will provide ongoing support to ensure that your outstaffing team is meeting your needs and delivering high-quality work. We will regularly check in with you to ensure that everything is going smoothly and make any necessary adjustments.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process, so you can quickly start benefiting from our outstaffing service. We value clear communication and transparency throughout the process, so you are always in the loop and know what to expect. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the onboarding process, our team is always available to assist you.

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