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Get your projects sorted out quickly, With gigs you can quickly sort out your short term projects with our technical talents via our platform. We designed this feature to connect businesses with skilled freelance professionals who can help them complete various tasks and projects. Specifically for Short Term Work.

Why create GIGs on ProDevs

Let’s give you reasons why ProDevs is a place to complete that small project.

arrowWhat your experience will be with ProDevs guaranteed.
green circleYour projects will be ready at the appropriate time.
green circleTalents on proDevs are well vetted, well tracked and they ensure to be on your bec and call while the project is ongoing.
green circleWe have the best vetting process to guarantee your project success.
green circleYou are in control of how your project goes, has the project been completed, conform that it has, has a talent ghosted, report the talent.
green circleYou have a flexible payment process with us at every turn.
arrowWhat your experience has been with other platforms.
red circleYour projects can go a long time and still not be completed.
red circleTalents could ghost on your project and leave you stranded while you go about spending more.
red circleNo proper vetting process to ascertain if the talent is 100% ready to pick up a project.
red circleYou are not in control of how the project goes, which could be demotivating to continue.
red circleNo flexible payment process.

How GIGs work

No hassle, get the best talents to work on your short term projects.


Create an account

Clients provide the necessary information required to verify and validate their identity.

Post a project

Posting a project takes a few easy steps, all you have to do is provide the specific requirement and the skill for that project.

Hire a freelancer

With the project created, talents can start applying for the GIG, you can then go ahead and select your preferred talent.

Manage payment

Making payment if effortless and seamless to say the least, ProDevs is equipped to help you with that.

Complete the project

All the process is within your reach and when projects are completed, you can choose to mark it as one or completed. You can also go ahead to leave a feedback for the freelancer to help them build a good reputation on ProDevs.

What clients have said about GIGs

We have simplified a tedious process, you can hear more from those who have used it.

Such an amazing team! I’m really satisfied with the work that they’ve done for my start-up. As a first time founder, they really worked with me to help me build an amazing product!!

Nandy Millette

I've used ProDevs to hire three devs so far. Their team is hands-on, responsive, and the pool of talent they have access to is good. As a startup founder, having them as a trusted partner for hiring has been a live-saver. I can dedicate my time to other priorities. There was a time when I needed to make an urgent hire. Their team credited my account and immediately helped me walk through the process for posting a gig. This is what sets them apart. They're willing to roll up their sleves and get hands on to help you make the right hire.


Wonder team anytime anyday.
Work ethics is great

Wale Yasere

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