Edoko and ProDevs Partner to Revolutionize International Online Shopping in Nigeria


In a world where online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives, the barriers that limit our access to international stores can be frustrating. For Nigerian shoppers, the limitations on foreign exchange and the hassle of navigating different store websites can make the shopping experience cumbersome. But what if there was a solution that allowed for unrestricted shopping across all your favorite international stores, while paying in your local currency without worrying about spending limits or logistics?

Enter Edoko, the mobile app that revolutionizes the online shopping experience for Nigerians. And behind this innovative solution stands the team of developers at ProDevs, who used their expertise and creativity to bring this idea to life.

The Edoko app was a game-changer for Nigerian shoppers. They could now shop with ease and convenience from any international online store without worrying about the limitations placed on foreign exchange transactions. ProDevs ensured that the app was user-friendly and had features that made online shopping even more exciting. The app was designed with two types of users in mind: the customer and the admin.

Customers had access to various features on the app, such as the custom order option. This feature allowed customers to place bespoke orders for items that were out of stock or unavailable. Once the item was available for purchase, the customer would be notified, and they could make the purchase. The app also had a wallet system that allowed customers to add money to their wallet and make payments for items in their cart. Customers could also send funds from their wallet to another user's wallet and withdraw funds from their wallet to any bank account.

Another exciting feature of the app was the order tracker. Once a customer placed an order, they could track the order as it was being processed and during delivery to their shipping address. The app also had easy payment options, including credit cards, transfers, and USSD. All these features made shopping from international online stores more accessible and convenient for Nigerian shoppers.

On the other hand, the admin had access to features that enabled them to manage the app effectively. They could manage customer profiles, handle transactions, and track orders from various international stores. The app was designed to be mobile-responsive and was available on both Android and iOS platforms.

ProDevs developed the app using Flutter, a popular mobile app development framework. The company used an Agile methodology to ensure that the app was delivered on time and within budget. The Edoko app was a success, and it transformed the way Nigerians shopped online. With the app, customers could now enjoy shopping from their favorite international stores without worrying about restrictions on foreign exchange transactions.

In a nutshell, ProDevs played a significant role in revolutionizing the e-commerce industry in Nigeria. The Edoko app they developed made shopping from international online stores more accessible and convenient for Nigerians. The company's use of Agile methodology and Flutter technology ensured that the app was delivered on time and within budget. ProDevs continues to develop innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by Nigerians in various industries.