ProDevs: The Tech Heroes Behind the Scenes of the GAGE Awards


In the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, the GAGE Awards team was faced with a challenge. The team had created a website where people could vote for their favorite candidates for the GAGE Awards, but there was a lot of traffic. People were visiting the website from all over the world to cast their votes, which caused the website to crash several times. Mr. Johnson Anorh, the Convener of the GAGE Awards, realized they needed help and reached out to ProDevs for a collaboration.

The GAGE Awards is an organization that honors and recognizes talented individuals, organizations, and brands who have enriched people's lives using digital media. The award seeks to amplify the exceptional services provided by these entities, thereby promoting the power of digital media.

Upon receiving the request from the GAGE Awards team, the ProDevs team swung into action. They were excited to work with the GAGE Awards team, knowing the great impact that the award could have on digital media in Nigeria. They quickly got to work analyzing the website and measuring the traffic to determine how best to handle the millions of people visiting the site.

ProDevs discovered that the website was on a shared hosting platform that was not built for such scale. To address this, they provisioned a POC (proof of concept) and installed an analytics tool to measure traffic accurately. They also discovered that people were trying to hack the voting poll, so they added security measures to prevent manipulation of results and promote fair voting.

It took ProDevs 72 hours to bring the website back online, stronger and stable, to handle the millions of people visiting their website from all over the world. On the third day, the platform was fully online without the inconsistencies, and voting and marketing continued till the event was concluded.

The ProDevs team was thrilled to have played a pivotal role in ensuring the poll was fair, and people got the opportunity to vote fairly. They were glad that the GAGE Awards team could rely on them to deliver the best results and ensure their clients were happy with their services.

The GAGE Awards event was a huge success, and everyone was pleased with the outcome. People from all over the world tuned in to watch the live broadcast of the award ceremony, which was broadcast on various social media platforms. ProDevs had made it possible for the GAGE Awards team to achieve their goal of promoting the power of digital media in Nigeria.