ProDevs Innovative Solution to Medical Records Management with Medbury EMR


For a long time, keeping medical records up-to-date and easily accessible for both clinic staff and patients has been a major challenge. Offline medical records were often difficult to track, and there was a high probability of invoice deficits. Furthermore, assessing an employee's health and fitness required a lot of time and often resulted in long queues of patients waiting to register or collect test results. To overcome these challenges, ProDevs developed a web platform called Medbury EMR, which can be accessed and managed from anywhere, as long as the user has authorization to do so. This innovative platform was built to handle medical records management and scheduling, allowing for the quick, efficient, and accurate handling of medical visits, tests, and results.

To tackle these challenges, the clinic sought the services of ProDevs, a reputable software development company known for their excellent work in web development using agile methodology. Together, they set out to develop a web platform that could be accessed and managed from anywhere, provided the user had authorization to use it.

The platform was built with a role-based user capability, and it had five major actors: clinic administrators, staff, physicians, laboratory technicians, and company administrators. The administrators had the privilege of creating new users, who could use the platform based on the privilege given to them.

The platform had several features that made it a game-changer for the clinic. One of such features was the Booking feature, which enabled patients to schedule their visitations from the comfort of their homes or offices, thereby avoiding long queues and reducing waiting time. The Schedule Visitation feature was also included, and it was used to schedule various tests to be carried out on a patient and assign the different medical departments responsible for the entire process.

The platform's Visitation Result feature, also known as the test result, recorded the outcome of the various tests carried out and made it available to the patient via mail or a printed result after passing through the various stages of validation, from the general doctor down to the authorizer, to ensure the reliability and integrity of the test/visitation carried out.

Organizations wanting to carry out tests for their respective staff could make bookings with details of their respective staff and the test to be carried out. The front desk of the clinic received these bookings, which then went through validation and were approved. The various staff then visited the clinic within the days and time schedule for the test to be carried out. On completion, the result was made available to patients via mail.

The EMR platform also helped clinics keep track of their finances, as the price for the various tests carried out was added on scheduling various visits. Other reports included the fitness of patients, operations carried out on the platform, and sales reports.

Finally, the Activity Logs feature allowed the admin to watch closely all actions performed on the platform for added security.

The technology used to build the platform included PHP - Laravel, Vue, Beanstack, MySQL, Apache/Ubuntu, making it mobile responsive and available for use on-premise. With the collaboration between ProDevs and Medbury, the medical records management became seamless and efficient, and patients waiting time reduced drastically.

The partnership between ProDevs and the clinic resulted in a fantastic solution to the challenges faced in managing medical records. The web platform brought efficiency and order to the clinic's medical records management, making it an excellent service to the Medbury community.

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